Frequently Asked Question on BIGFXREBATE program

What is a rebate?

A rebate is a part of the spread or commission that you pay to your broker that we give back to you every week trough our Automatic InstaForex Rebate System.

Where does the rebate come from?

The rebate itself comes from the spread or commission you pay to your broker on each trade. As a Referring Broker we collect a portion of that spread for bringing you to the broker or keeping you with them. This is how Referring Brokers get paid, and we simply share part of that spread with you the trader.

How much do I need to start?

There is no minimum to start or stay with the program. However each broker has an initial deposit amount that is required to open an account. This amount varies from broker to broker.

How much leverage is available to me?

Most brokers have different leverage’s available to the Forex Trader. Usually 100:1 is used but other leverage ratio’s are used as well like 200:1 and even 500:1. Each broker is slightly different, but they all have more than one leverage option for the trader.

Why do I have to go through you to get a rebate?

As Referring Broker we have established relationships that allow us to collect a portion of the spread on every trade that you make. This allows us to give you a rebate, which many other referring brokers do not offer.

Does it matter which currency pairs I trade?

No. It does not matter which currency pairs you decide to trade. We will pay you fixed sum per round turn (buy and sell). Standard Lot (1 Lot = $10k) that you trade regardless of the pair.

If I am already profitable from trading why do I need a rebate?

Regardless of whether you are a new or experienced trader profitable or not you should be receiving a rebate on your account. This is money you are going to pay out per trade in any case. Doesn’t it make sense to get some of that back at no cost to you?

Can you rebate a micro or mini account?

Yes, we do rebate all accounts however the rebates are proportionate to the size of the lot traded.

What if my trade loses do I still get rebated?

Yes. Even in a losing trade you have still purchased and sold a lot of some size and therefore will be rebated accordingly. It is the overall volume traded, not the amount of winning or losing trades that is relevant to rebates.

If I want other payment methods, is there a minimum amount?

There is no minimum amount however, you the trader will be responsible for any cost involved that will make the payment possible. There are also several other methods available for you that can reduce the cost of receiving your money.

Is it possible to register a PAMM-account in BIGINSTAREBATE?

Yes, it is, but in this case only a PAMM-Trader will get the rebate.

What is the calculation of rebate amount for US cent accounts?

The standard scheme is applied to the US cent accounts – 1 point for each deal. However, it should be noted that there are US cent lots instead of standard ones traded on the US cent accounts. Consequently, each lot will give you not $1 but $0.01. In other words, holders of the US cent accounts receive the rebate amounting 1 cent for 1 lot.

How to register in BIGINSTAREBATE program?

It is necessary to open a trading account in InstaForex. Read how to join BIGINSTAREBATE.

How much will be my rebate if a deal was closed with zero profit/loss?

In this case you will not get any rebate because it is possible to get a rebate only for deals which were closed with at least 1 point profit/loss.

What if I have other questions?

We are always here to assist you with whatever questions you may have. Please feel free to contact our friendly & courteous staff whose insight and knowledge of the forex market can be a great advantage to any Forex Trader beginner or expert. Use this Contact US form.